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My Feeling Crinkle Toy

My Feeling Crinkle Toy

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A crinkly double sided soft panel that can be positioned in two variations for two developmental stages. This toy introduces baby to five essential expressions: happy, sad, sleepy, hungry and surprised. Identifying a range of emotions helps to promote emotional intelligence and baby-parent interaction whilst exploring the playful activities.

Stage 1: Newborn-3m High contrast illustrations promote baby’s vision and encourage baby’s tummy time practice, in which strengthens neck and shoulders muscles while in flat or propped up position. Flat position encourages baby to experience the sense of crinkly fabric using his hands or feet while developing his gross motor skills.

Stage 2: 3m+ The book develop baby’s emotional train to identify emotions and aid to develop emotional intelligence. Excellent tool to encourage parent-baby joint play while learning the various facial expressions & emotions.


  • Can be played with flat on the floor, when strolling outside or free-standing, which will encourage your baby to practice tummy-time
  • The toy is lightweight and easy to fold and even includes plastic rings so it can be attached to buggies, car seats and cots!
  • Measures - mat size: 44 X 33cm, 17.3"x13"
  • Suitable from birth
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