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Perineal Preparation Oil

Perineal Preparation Oil

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 An all-natural certified aromatherapist formulated oil to help you prepare for birth.  

Perineum massage can help to reduce the chances of tearing in child birth. Massing the perineum can increase the elasticity in the skin, which in turn can protect against tearing - which can happen during birth and labour.

From about 35 weeks you can start preparing for your labour and birth with perineal massage.

Research has shown that massaging the perineum during late pregnancy may encourage elasticity and reduce the risk of tearing during childbirth.


The perineum is the area between the vaginal opening and anus. Some women choose to use perineal massage as a way of (hopefully) reducing their risk of perineal trauma during childbirth.

Female anatomy showing the perineum’s position and the three openings – the urethra, vagina and anus (or back passage). The perineum is the firm area of skin located directly between the vagina and the anus.


You can start massage from about 35 weeks and perform no more than three times per fortnight.



Female anatomy showing how to do perineal massage. Two thumbs are inserted into the vagina sweeping in a downward and side to side motion.

  1. Gently insert thumbs or 1-2 fingers, 3-5 cm into the vagina, and firmly sweep in a downward and side to side motion for five minutes, using a natural oil for lubrication, (Avoid nut-based oils if known allergies. Do not use baby oil, mineral oil or petroleum jelly).
  2. You may feel a burning sensation which will diminish over time.
  3. Do not massage if you have active genital herpes or a vaginal infection present.
  4. Most women consider their partner’s involvement as positive.


Ask your doctor or midwife for more information ****


Tears and cuts to the sensitive skin of the perineum during labour and child birth are common, but with preparation and perineal massage you can decrease the chances of this happening. 

Perineal massage nourishes your perineum and helps to prepare your AMAZING body for birth. 

Contains - Lavender and frankincense  essential oil, sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil. 30ML

Postpartum use- A great oil to use on dry skin which can be common after birth. You may even use it on stretch marks.


* Make sure to always patch test  on your skin before use and seek trusted medical advice for any concerns before use.



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