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Wooden Pacifier Clip

Wooden Pacifier Clip

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Attach your dummy to one end and clip the clasp onto your baby’s clothing to ensure their dummy stays close to hand for any soothing situation. The beautiful design is made with natural wood.


- Can be used for as long as your baby uses a dummy.

- Mix Beads Pacifier Clip is 24cm long with alternating beads measuring 1.2cm, 1.5cm and 1.8cm.

- Small Beads Pacifier Clip is 24cm long with 1.2cm beads.

- Wash by hand with mild soap and water. Do not put in dishwasher.

- Store in a well ventilated space out of direct sunlight.​​


As with all baby items, please use only under adult supervision. Carefully inspect your dummy clip for signs of wear before each use, ensuring that the beads on the cord are still firmly attached. Replace at first signs of wear and tear. 

Adult supervision is required at all times and we disclaim for any liability caused by improper use or the failure to correctly supervise your child using these products. Please ensure that you are regularly checking your purchases for any signs of wear and tear to ensure safety of use. Discard after any signs of damage. 
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