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Animal Alphabet Flash Cards - Australia

Animal Alphabet Flash Cards - Australia

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These double-sided, premium quality, Australian Animal Alphabet Flash Cards are a stunning, educational resource, with the learning opportunities only limited by your imagination!
The cards themselves are 400gsm and matte-laminated so they are durable and protected from sticky fingers. The gorgeous, eye-catching, drawer-box is premium quality and makes these perfect for gifting.

These are intended to be for ages 3+ with adult support and ages 6+ for independent learning. 


The front of these flash cards include:

1. The letter in upper and lower case in an easy to read font.

2. The animal’s name.

3. Beautiful and realistic watercolour art by Australian artist Amanda Borchers. We know that realistic art is best for learning.


The back of the cards include:

1. The alphabet with the letter circled. Young learners can visualise the entire alphabet in order and see where the specific letter fits.

2. The animal name is shown in school-approved font to prompt handwriting practice. Exposure to a range of easy to read fonts is important for young readers and writers.

3. 3 interesting facts are featured for each animal including habitat, diet and a fun fact. 

4. The map of Australia with highlighted areas showing where the animal is from. This assists with early geography learning. 


Aa is for Alpine Dingo

Bb is for Bilby

Cc is for Cassowary

Dd is for Dugong

Ee is for Echidna

Ff is for Frill-necked Lizard

Gg is for Galah

Hh is for Hopping Mouse

Ii is for Inland Taipan

Jj is for Jewel Beetle

Kk is for Koala

Ll is for Little Penguin

Mm is for Murray Cod

Nn is for Numbat

Oo is for Orange-bellied Parrot

Pp is for Platypus

Qq is for Quokka

Rr is for Red Kangaroo

Ss is for Saltwater Crocodile

Tt is for Tasmanian Tiger

Uu is for Unbanded Delma

Vv is for Variegated Fairy Wren

Ww is for Wombat

Xx is for Ambrax Swallowtail

Yy is for Yabbie

Zz is for Zebra Finch


Designed and illustrated in Australia. Made ethically in China in an environmentally responsible manner. 

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