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HipSurfer Washable Shell Covers

HipSurfer Washable Shell Covers

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Change up your look without changing your baby carrier. The interchangeable covers come in 7 gorgeous designs - at Kounelakia we have 2 styles available to choose from.

"I love the versatility of the HipSurfer and how you can mix up the covers to match your outfit, mood or any occasion. My husband loves the tribal print and I adore the blush leopard".


Protect your HipSurfer and customise your style with our fabulous bundle discounts. Treat yourself to 2, 3 or more covers so you can mix up your look on-the-go.

We think you will love our world first interchangeable cover system that allows you to 1) easily change up your look and 2) swap out mucky covers in seconds as you cruise through your day.

Keep your eyes peeled for new HipSurfer Shell designs through the year. We’ll be designing shells for mums, dads, grandparents and carers as we know everyone has their own personal preference.


Mix up your look with styles like gingham, leopard print, zebra print, peacock, Ikat and a range of new styles that will be released across the year.

Effortlessly transition from a walk in the park, to coffee with friends and then out to a wedding. Looking and feeling on point for all occasions with your little companion on board.

Easily share with your partner and grandparents. Purchase an Ikat print for hubby. Peacock or gingham for the grandparents while you can go animal print crazy if you fancy it.

Mucky pups, no fuss. If your HipSurfer happens to experience a poo explosion or mucky milk dribble. Simply swap out the cover for a new one, or go commando without a cover at all. Throw it in the wash and keep on carrying on.



Hard Wearing Material:
Made from 100% polyester with a faux leather non-slip pad and velcro attachments.

Attachment instructions
The HipSurfer Shell has velcro on two flaps that wrap around the width of the waistband.

Simply slide the shell over the top of the seat, wrap the flaps around the waistband and ensure the velcro is safely secured on the inside of the band.

Cleaning and Care:

The HipSurfer shells can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth or thrown into the wash on a cold, gentle wash for a deeper clean.



Do not attach or remove the HipSurfer Shell whilst there is a baby on board.

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