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Little Moments Milestone Cards

Little Moments Milestone Cards

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A set of gorgeous milestone cards created especially for premature babies. Each card celebrates the many unique milestones of babies and families on their special care journey. You can use these cards to celebrate and share these special and important events through photos, social media, scrapbooking and more.

Milestone Cards included:

  1. I arrived today

  2. I’m in an open cot

  3. My First Cuddle with Mum

  4. My First Cuddle with Dad

  5. I’m breathing on my own

  6. I came off CPAP

  7. My first Bath

  8. One week today

  9. One month today

  10. 6 months today

  11. My first outfit

  12. I have graduated from NICU

  13. 1 kg today

  14. 2 kg today

  15. 3 kg today

  16. My first feed

  17. My first breastfeed

  18. My first bottle feed

  19. My first Mother’s Day

  20. My first Father’s Day

  21. Today I met my sister

  22. My first Christmas

  23. My first Easter

  24. Today I met my brother

  25. I had surgery today

  26. Saying goodbye to my nurses and doctors

  27. I’m going home

  28. Family time

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