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SOMBAR Nail Polish

SOMBAR Nail Polish

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Vegan | Cruelty free | Made in Australia


Each full sized bottle contains 15ml of Nail Polish - $24

The Staples Mini 4pk contains 4x5ml bottles – Snow White, Send Nudes, Lady in Red and Onyx - $45


SOMBAR originated in 2020 as a nail salon called Soma Bar during the COVID-19 pandemic. SOMBAR is a combination of both words (Soma meaning body in Greek) as a way to honour the salon. Our founder Katherine, provided customers with salon treatments in the ‘bar’ or in the comfort of their own homes.

SOMBAR is a cosmetics brand, specialising in vegan nail polish which emphasises the importance of recyclable and ethical materials and sources its products from small businesses around Australia.

Our nail polish is 95% plastic free, with the aim of being 100% plastic free by 2025.

Every single product is made by us and tested on us. We would never put something on your body that we would not put on ours. 

Our bottles are made with glass and plastic free recyclable bamboo caps.
Our nail brushes are the only single use plastic in our bottles, secured by pressure fit for easy removal, allowing you to recycle the bottles and caps after cleaning.

One of SOMBAR’s main values is mindfulness. There are so many chemicals and unnatural ingredients in the foods we eat and the products we use which are absorbed into our bodies everyday. Being mindful of what we eat and use will contribute to our overall health and in turn, help shift our focus onto being more ethical and sustainable.

SOMBAR Cuticle Oil is a trifecta of hydration, nourishment and strength.
It is a combination of 100% organic cold pressed Jojoba, Rosehip and Hemp Seed oil.


Full list of ingredients can be found on the SOMBAR website





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