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Wild Dough

Playdough - 280g Jar

Playdough - 280g Jar

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There really is loads to love about Wild Dough. Here are the best bits:


- Smells Amazing 


- Non-toxic kidsafe ingredients


- Perfectly soft for little hands


- Lasts easily for 6 months


- Rehydratable with water


- Developed by a mum for her own kids


- 100% Australian Made & Owned


- Eco friendly PET plastic jars - durable and lightweight

Playdough that kids play with longer.


Wild Dough is a multi award-winning playdough that kids play with longer. Its' cloud-like texture and sensory explosion promises love at first touch. It's scented, super soft and long lasting. Plus rehydratable easily with water to bring it back to its original softness anytime! Proudly made in Australia from no-nasty kid-safe ingredients. 



How Bright Playdough Can Inspire Creativity

Did you know that playing with all colours of the rainbow can help to unlock your child's creativity? It offers a unique sensory experience, allowing children to engage with their senses while they play. This stimulates their creativity and imagination, encouraging them to explore and experiment with different colors, shapes, and textures.

Playing with bright playdough also provides an opportunity for kids to develop problem-solving skills as they experiment with mixing colors and creating new designs. And as they shape and mold the dough, they will be exercising their hand muscles and improving their dexterity. So not only is a rainbow of playdough fun, but it's also beneficial for your child's development.

Plus, our rainbow play dough is designed to last for months of playtime and can be easily rehydrated with water if it starts to dry out.

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