Nappy Donations

The Nappy Collective is the only Australian nonprofit that focuses soley on collecting disposable nappies and distributing them to families in crisis. 

We collect donations of new and leftover nappies - ones that little ones have grown out of or no longer need - and pass them onto our Community Partners that support families.

Through our research, we have learned that 1 in 10 families, or 280,000 children, don’t have enough nappies - a situation we have named “nappy stress”. Nappy stress can impact families facing financial hardship, experiencing or at risk of homelessness, escaping domestic violence, seeking asylum or those impacted by natural disasters.

By donating nappies to The Nappy Collective, you are helping to keep disadvantaged little ones clean, happy and healthy.


How do I donate nappies?

Simply bring in any unused disposable nappies to our store and we will place them in a collection box for The Nappy Collective to come and pick up.


Do donated nappies need to be in their original packaging?

We accept all unused disposable nappies, even ones out of their packaging. The nappies must be clean and if possible, labelling the size makes sorting for the volunteers much easier.


Do you accept cloth nappies?

At this stage we do not accept cloth nappies. Unfortunately cloth nappies are not practical for many of the families we assist as they may not have access to private laundering facilities.


Kounelakia is now accepting nappy donations in store at:

- The Glen Shopping Centre, Ground Floor Shop G131 (on the corner across Uniqlo and Starbucks)