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Buggalugs Pacifier Case - Cloud

Buggalugs Pacifier Case - Cloud

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Meet our universal Pacifier Case 

What starts with a crying baby, you ummm and ahhh about reaching for a dummy until you finally do and alas 'peace and quiet'.... We aren't going to lie, a dummy was our saving grace as parents, offering some moments of sweet serenity, until we uncovered a problem. Where do you hygienically store your dummy? We have created a universal pacifier case with all the elements considered; eco-friendly, sustainable, non toxic and designed with the finer details in mind. 



With the earth at the forefront of Buggalugs design, mountains of research went into finding the best material to make this product. Jasmine discovered PLA was leading the way. The innovation of this material has it being derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane. There are huge benefits of using PLA as oppose to plastic. A major one being that if a PLA bottle was left in the ocean it would degrade over six to 24 months, compared to plastic which in the same environment takes several hundreds of thousands of years to degrade. 


Made in Australia

Buggalugs products are made at an earth conscious manufacturer in Melbourne who uses solar panels that generate approx 70% of their energy! Being made in Australia means that Buggalugs also has a lower eco-footprint than products produced overseas.

Thank you for supporting Australian made!


Free from nasties

PLA is non toxic, biodegradable, earth friendly material. Buggalugs is free from nasties such as Melamine, Formaldehyde, BPA  and Phthalate.


Plastic free packaging

Here at Buggalugs, we wanted to minimise our effects on the environment by using eco-friendly alternatives for our single use packaging.

We use Hex wrapping instead of bubble wrap which is 100% recyclable and compostable. The tape we use is made from recycled paper waste and natural starch adhesive derived from potatoes.

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