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Christmas Footprint Stencil 4pk

Christmas Footprint Stencil 4pk

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What a fun way to share with kids the magic of Christmas. Create beautiful memories together leaving a trail of footprints and letting their imaginations run wild!

Lay the stencil flat on the ground (making sure you have the right way around for the Santa Boot), and sprinkle your choice of powdered substance. You can use glitter, flour, baby powder, dirt or even grounded coffee.

Use dry cloth to clean stencil and store away for next year!

Stencils are made from 3mm natural wood which enables the stencil to remain strong whilst using!


Each pack comes with 2x Santa Claus Boot Prints (left & right foot), 1x Reindeer Hooves Stencil, 1x Elf Footprint Stencil. 


- Santa Claus Boot Size: 24cm / Santa Claus Boot Size: 25.5cm

- Reindeer Hoof: 8cm Reindeer / Hooves Stencil: 17cm

- Elf Shoe Size: 3cm / Elf Stencil Size: 20cm


Colors and wood grain vary from monitor/screen to in-person. You acknowledge that handmade products may differ ever so slightly from the photos on the website.

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