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Memories of an Angel

Pregnancy & Infant Loss #IAM1IN4 Necklace

Pregnancy & Infant Loss #IAM1IN4 Necklace

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The IAM1IN4 hashtag is well established within loss groups and creates a sense of community. It’s a simple but impactful statement which bands those who have experienced Pregnancy & Infant Loss together. It’s a way for them to acknowledge and honour their story which can assist with their healing journey.

Continued usage of this hashtag will help to normalise the discussion of Pregnancy & Infant Loss and in doing so reduce the taboo and stigma that is often associated with talking about loss.


We all know someone who knows someone that has lost a pregnancy/baby. This specially crafted necklace gives women (like you & m) a voice.


The necklace comes in either Rose Gold or Silver and features the words "#IAM1IN4" engraved onto the front of the circular talisman.

Necklace Information 
  • Metal Silver/Rose Gold plated
  • Necklace Length 42.0 cm
  • Necklace Extender Length 8.0 cm
  • Talisman Length 2.0 cm
  • Talisman Width 2.0 cm


This is a beautiful piece has been designed specifically to represent those who have experienced Pregnancy & Infant Loss. Much like the statement itself, this piece is simple but impactful and aims to provide a sense of community and comfort. The necklace comes in a Memories of an Angel grey Microfiber Jewellery pouch. 

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