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Breastfeeding Inverted Nipple Shield

Breastfeeding Inverted Nipple Shield

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Our nipple shields provide a more positive feeding experience for both mother and baby.

Designed for those with flat or inverted nipples, to encourage a better suck, and with a firmer suction. Perfect for new mothers, those with sore cracked nipples, trouble with latching, and have discomfort while feeding. 


- 1x Inverted Nipple Shield and 1x protective carry case

- 8cm base x 6cm 

- Made from 100% Food Grade Silicone

- The larger base allows it to fit around more breast sizes without it slipping off.

- Small chamber inside to suction around nipple.

Wash shield in warm soapy water and sterilise before and after use. Store in the hard case.

Although our nipple shields are very resilient, wear and tear can happen. Always check for signs of wear and tear before use, and replace if necessary.

Always seek the advice of a Lactation Consultant before use.



Fold back the base of the shield and squeeze the centre chamber. Centre your chamber to your nipple, press into your breast and fold down the base down over the breast.

Once placed over, you should feel a light suction and pull of the nipple. Readjust if it’s uncomfortable, or if you do not feel the suction. It sometimes takes a couple of tries to get it on correctly.

Gently press the area and allow the baby to latch to the shield. Milk will flow through the shield for your baby to feed.



Adult supervision is required at all times and we disclaim for any liability caused by improper use or the failure to correctly supervise your child using these products. Please ensure that you are regularly checking your purchases for any signs of wear and tear to ensure safety of use. Discard after any signs of damage.

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