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Smooth P Sensory Chew

Smooth P Sensory Chew

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Our Smooth P Sensory Chew is the perfect tool to help decrease oral defensiveness, and practice biting and chewing.

Great for oral strength, motor skills and an alternative to grinding, sucking and chewing urges. The perfect tool to practice biting and chewing.

 - To help decrease thumb sucking, tooth grinding and finger/knuckle biting.  

 - To improve jaw strength, jaw stability, tongue movement and other feeding skills

 - To build oral tone, strength, mobility, control, coordination and endurance 

 - To decrease oral sensitivity

- Available in 3 colours

- Dimensions approx 12.7cm x 4.7cm x 4.4cm

- Made from 100% food grade non-toxic, BPA, PVC, phthalate, lead, latex free silicone. Clean with warm soapy water before and after use. 


Our sensory chew tools are very resilient but wear and tear can be expected. Always check for signs of wear and tear before use and replace if necessary. This tool is intended for chewing and minors require adult supervision.

Adult supervision is required at all times and we disclaim for any liability caused by improper use or the failure to correctly supervise your child using these products. Please ensure that you are regularly checking your purchases for any signs of wear and tear to ensure safety of use. Discard after any signs of damage.




Always seek the advice of an Occupational Therapist for sensory strategies appropriate to you.

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