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Instant Warming Maxi Pads - 72hrs Postpartum

Instant Warming Maxi Pads - 72hrs Postpartum

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These instant warming perineal pads can be used 72hours after birth, when switching from ice packs and cold therapy to warmth.

The absorbent maxi pad also provides warming relief to help reduce pain, promote blood flow and speed up recovery.


It doesn’t mention it on the box, but I can say as someone who suffers (& has for many years) from endometriosis, these heated pads are fantastic for those days that are just unbearable.

Fantastic for women who experience pain and heavy bleeding due to illnesses/conditions/syndromes including PCOS, PID, IBS, Sciatica, Uterine Fibroids, IC, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and more


  • Five (5) individually wrapped pads
  • Made in Australia


To Use:

  • Wait 72hrs post birth before using
  • Remove heat pack from packaging
  • Fold pad in half and locate inner pouch
  • Placing firmly between palms of hands, squeeze inner pouch until broken and shake
  • Remove adhesive strip located on the back of the pad
  • Place pad inside underwear, postpartum nappies or into the lining of pants
  • Leave on as long as needed
  • Discard after use
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